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“Hank Williams and The Beatles - many long road trips with my parents through the Mountains listening to those tapes.  That’s where I learned the melodies and storytelling that makes up my music today,” says Wes Mack regarding his first immersive lesson in music. An emerging artist with a fresh take on the classic style of country music. A sound both captivating and emotional with a personality to match.

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From an early age, the instantly recognizable Wes learned that expression through music was what resonated with him, almost as much as the stolen 12 string acoustic he hammered on that belonged to his musician father. His home town of Calgary also had an effect, as the Stampede City rarely leaves one without a hunger for the country life.

It’s no surprise then that he would come to love the storytelling and warm melodies of country music.   “It was always around when I was growing up. My parents had a lot of it on vinyl and I loved to mess around with the record player.”  Years later, Wes moved out to Vancouver where he played in a number of bands, and broadening his horizons, began acting in theatre, film and television.  Within a single year, he built up an impressive resume including work on Smallville guest starring as the assassin “Icicle”; The Vampire Diaries, and Hallmark film A Dog Named Christmas.  In 2011, Wes was cast in a leading role in Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story; a biopic following the tumultuous life of author JK Rowling – the creator of Harry Potter.

Between working on these projects, Wes made a trip back home to Alberta: “Midway through a very hot prairie night I found myself two-stepping with a girl I hardly knew, watching Dierks Bentley playin’ Folsom Prison Blues on an outdoor stage; right then and there I knew I wanted to make my own country music”

He began writing and recording the songs that would become Green Flag, his debut solo album.  “It felt great to get back to the kind of songs I grew up with. It’s uplifting, it gets your foot tapping and I feel blessed to get to make this music every day.”