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Polyjesters are Canadian brothers Jason and Sheldon Valleau who hail from Alberta and honed their musical talents in Europe playing for everyone from passers-by while they busked to the Prince of Monaco.

Since then they have been everywhere, including the Epcot Centre and sharing the stage with the famed Trailer Park Boys. It’s a bumpy, twisting road they travel rife with adventure, great stories and excellent music.

They play everything from Billie Holiday to The Beatles…from old swing/jazz standards to alternative country. A breadth of musical appreciation that produced their special home-grown blend called CHUNK, a unique sound that is highly energetic, completely contagious, unfailingly entertaining and appeals to a wide range of musical taste.          

Have a listen …



“The Polyjesters have introduced a wonderful blend of witty lyrics, wry sense of humor and old-timey bluegrass music with a topping of jazz swing into our listener’s lives.   This is music that makes you want to tap your feet, laugh out loud and blush all at the same time.  Leon Redbone, Spike Jones, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, They Might Be Giants and Bill Monroe have been genetically blended and then artificially inseminated into Canada.  Now you’ve got a little idea of the Polyjesters.  I love them, my Grandmother loves them, my kids love them.  You’ll love them too!”


“The Polyjesters specialize in high energy swing music…a refreshing change…they are the real thing.” Jeff Healey, award winning Canadian guitarist/vocalist                      

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Mary Palmer / Music Director / High Plains Public Radio / Garden City, Kansas   

“What a breath of fresh air. The Polyjesters exude an energy which is rarely found in acts these days, on either side of the Atlantic. Their material is original and underpinned with slick accompaniment. Lyrically they are a one off, with superb original material - well delivered with smooth tongue in cheek supportive vocal work. Finally LIVE - their rhythmic and vibrant act cannot be surpassed. I would gladly fly to Canada just to see this band do a floor spot.”

 Phil Brown / Host of “The Drift” / BBC Radio Lancashire/ England

 “Don't mistake these hilarious guys for anything less than genius musicians. Once you hear them play, the fact that they can laugh at themselves is just gravy - gravy on top of instrumental solos that will make you weep with gratitude and vocal harmonies so warm and perfect that you don't ever want it to stop.”