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Lloyd Maybrey

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Bottomline!! Lloyd is an Entertainer, Musician, Comedian, Singer, Writer and Key Note Speaker that has the unique ability to work with any group or age. Even though he is a Multi-purpose Performer, he is very unique and extremely talented.

From Corporate to Kindergarten Lloyd Mabrey will amaze you with his quick wit, charming but sincere and real personality not to mention his great 12 String Guitar work and crystal clear heartfelt vocals. Lloyd Mabrey is the best you will ever see work an audience. He is loyal and his work ethic and talent will astound you! His longterm relationships in the business are a living testemonial to Lloyd’s accomplishments and character.

With his happy go lucky demeanor and quick wit Lloyd has been charming audiences since he was a teenager. Lloyd’s dad was in the military and they spent most of his childhood in Europe in the 50’s and 60’s. Lloyd was actually born in Germany at a US Army Hospital and his Mom is from Belgium and France. He got his first guitar from an American soldier who was going back to the States for Eight dollars. In addition the soldier showed him how to play three chords and gave him two picks. Lloyd basically taught himself how to play guitar and because of that he started writing his own songs from the very first day he started strumming because he didn’t know any songs so he made his own up on the spot. This led to Lloyd becoming a master at improvisation which he still uses today singing about people’s lives and things he observes from stage.