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Patrick Murray’s family was a little taken aback when he told them he wanted to be a ventriloquist when he grew up. Especially since when he told them he was 23 years old. Up until that time, although he was a clever mimic and full of funny voices, he made his living unloading freight trains.

After teaching himself ventriloquism from Izzy Rizzy’s Home Study Course a $4 booklet from Izzy Rizzy’s House of Tricks and School of Ventriloquism on Chicago’s South Side. He decided to stop throwing freight and start throwing voices. His newfound talents landed him in top nightclubs where he honed his craft and sense of humor.


After a few successful years he decided to see the world and started tours that covered the entire US, Caribbean, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. His greatest successes came after introducing Jamaican Comedy Diva, Matilda into his act.

Matilda was born into a talented family. Her father Winston is aMurray-Revue copy.gif (15959 bytes) world-class Limbo Dancer, who always taught her the importance of raising the bar. Her mother Camille is listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the world’s fastest basket weaver and hair braider. Brother Clive an airline pilot with Air Jamaica, although he was never able to overcome his fear of heights, he gets by pretending a DC 10 in nothing more than a Buick with wings.

This character was developed at the encouragement of West Indian friends and co-workers whand a beloved character.o thought that Patrick’s talent for the West Indian accent and sense of humor warranted a character that highlighted the islands. She was an instant hit

In 2002 Patrick married the love of his life Nicole. Although she did bring a little baggage into their marriage, luckily for Patrick the baggage contained Antonio the Latino Ant. Together Nicole and Antonio bring some more fun and surprises to the show. Residents of British Columbia, Canada the happy family spend their time on tour making people forget their troubles, at home in BC, or at their condo in Miami Beach, Florida. Together they deliver more laughs per minute than any other comedy team.